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Personal Styling
Personal Styling 
​Sustainable personal styling that boosts your confidence, helps you feel like your best self, gives you time back, saves you money, is better for people and the planet, and teaches you ways to dress and shop better
  • list the full package 

  • list smaller options and say email me if you have a custom need like vacation packing, wedding styling, etc. 

  • space for testimonials and photos from Megan and Elaine 

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Why work with a personal stylist? 

We spend so much time, energy, and money getting dressed each day and curating our wardrobes. What we wear is incredibly personal and also has a large impact on people around the world and the planet itself. Our closets have the power to either uplift garment workers or pollute the environment, bring us joy or stress us out, empty our wallets or offer us value. I want that potential to work in your favor! 

With help from a personal stylist, you can: 

  • Build a wardrobe that works harder for you 

  • Hone your personal style to express your personality 

  • Learn how to put together outfits and incorporate trends that work for you

  • Increase your confidence and feel more like your true self 

  • Learn what colors and silhouettes look best on you 

  • Open up opportunities by visually representing your best self 

  • Stress less about shopping and getting dressed ​

  • Learn to shop sustainably and with intention 

  • Stop wasting money on mediocre clothes that just sit in your closet 

  • Reduce the negative environmental and social impacts of your wardrobe 

Why trust me with your wardrobe? 

I have lots of diverse styling experience, including runway shows, editorial magazine photo shoots, online boutique photos, and personal shopping online and in brick-and-mortar stores. I hold a degree in Apparel, Retail Merchandising and Design and have interned for a trend forecasting company in NYC. I've also written a newspaper fashion column giving college students applicable fashion advice and info. In my day job, I lead a group that educates Target team members on sustainability and also create women's clothing that is constructed with quality and fits women with various body types. All this experience means I know fashion, and (more importantly) it means I know how to make fashion work for YOU.   


Full Package (best deal!) - $315 



Special Event Styling (gala, vacation packing, wedding, work trip) - rates vary 

STEP 1: ...

Personal Style Refinery Profile

Thanks for your interest in a Personal Styling Consultation! Your style and wardrobe needs are unique, and to give you a personalized service, I’ll need to know where you’re at and where you want to go when it comes to style.
Complete this Personal Style Refinery Profile as the first step in your consultation. It should take you about 40 minutes. You’ll also be asked to upload a few outfit photos. The more detailed info you give, the better, but don’t spend too much time on it; we’ll go over more specifics during your free Initial Consultation too.

  • Personal Style Refinery Profile

    •  Client fills out a Personal Style Refinery Profile (see separate Word doc)

      • This includes style type Pinterest boards, initial questions, colors, goals

  • I go over their Profile and write down initial ideas, assumptions, and further questions for the initial meeting.

  • Initial Consultation

    • 15-30 min initial consultation to talk over goals, clarify points from the style profile, define and hone their personal style, determine their Conscious Closet type, run some things by client to get feedback on, etc. on Skype/Zoom or over coffee.

  • Closet Audit/Edit  

    • Go through everything in the client’s wardrobe

      • What to: keep, rediscover, mend/tailor, replace, store, get rid of (sell, donate, downcycle, landfill)

      • Put together outfits with what they already have to 1) help style what they already own (which is the most sustainable option) so your closet works harder for you, and 2) decide what holes we need to fill with new pieces in order to get more use out of what they already own and like.

      • Wardrobe Analysis: Uncover what they like, don’t like, need, etc. by talking through different pieces they already own. Hone personal style. Identify what’s needed to compliment what’s already working

      • Reorganize closet and drawers in a way that makes getting dressed easier, preserves clothes, and helps the client get better use out of their clothes 

      • Make a shopping list (wants and needs)

  • Shopping

    • Customizable Options:

      • In-store dressing room try-on

      • In-store shop-along

      • At-home try-on

      • Online curated list

    • Style outfits using new and old pieces at the clients’ home after shopping.

    • Revise shopping list and plan for future shopping (renting, thrifting, shopping new) and wardrobe refinement (style evolution vision, closet cleanout cadence)

    • Final digital package: personal style mood board, updated shopping list, styled outfit photos, personalized tips and suggestions   




Step 0: Client decides what services they’d like.

Step 1:

               For which services? Different parts/versions for different services?

Step 2: 15-30 min initial consultation to talk over goals, clarify points from the style profile, define their Conscious Closet type, run some things by client to get feedback on, etc. on Skype/Zoom. Can alter which services they’d like at this point based on what needs we uncover.

Step 3: Choose:

  • Virtual Personal Styling Package 

    • Personal Style Refinery (honing) Session

    • Custom Pinterest board

    • Give them style inspiration to follow for their own personal style we develop to keep the process going. Instagrammers, Pinterest boards or topics, celebrities, brands, etc.

    • Virtual Styling Guide. I’ll create you a custom personal style guide (?) (not manual…)

    • Dressing to flatter your body (colors, silhouettes)

    • Define your personal “uniform”

    • Personalized shopping list (from wardrobe essentials checklist + potential signature pieces) 

    • Easy-to-shop online shopping selections

    • Will take client approx. 30 min to go over packet, then 30 min closing Skype session with me to go over it and answer any questions. Total, she’ll spend about 2 hours. Will take me an additional maybe 4 hours to get it all together if the template work is pre-done. So charge 600? Too much…

    • Give a title to their style to intro? Describe it. Key pieces and looks. Go-to outfit combinations for different events. Link to Pinterest board. I don’t think it needs a mood/inspo board because that’s covered with Pin board. More places to look for inspo: insagrammers, brands/retailers, etc. Recommendations on dressing for body type.

  • Closet Audit/Edit 

    • What to get rid of

    • What holes you need to fill

    • What needs to be replaced

    • Closet cleanout

    • Take pics of the things you’re a little emotionally attached to but need to get rid of.

    • Closet audits (get rid of stuff, figure out what you need to fill in/replace)

    • Closet Analysis/ Wardrobe Analysis

    • How to get better use out of the items you already have in your wardrobe. How to style outfits. What pieces you need to round out your wardrobe and compliment what’s already working in your closet so that it works harder for you. Styling tips. Create go-to outfits. You’ll get a personalized shopping list to fill in the wardrobe gaps I identify.

    • Organize closet so getting dressed is simplified and your best pieces don’t get overlooked and you don’t wear the same thing time after time.

    • Get rid of/purge what you no longer need, doesn’t (and won’t in the near future) fit, is out of style. Try things on. Take items to consign/sell/donate. Talk about alterations.

    • Learn from what you’re getting rid of to be buy better in the future.

    • How to best care for your clothes and extend their life.

    • Play with their favorite pieces (while they’re trying things on to see if they still fit). Make multiple outfits with their top few favorite pieces to utilize them in many ways. That way, it’s a signature piece of theirs without being predicable and overdone.

    • Pull out WHY they like their favorite pieces.

    • Great precursor to a shopping trip or virtual personal style/shopping consultation!

    • Personalized shopping list (from wardrobe essentials checklist)

      • From here, you can keep building your wardrobe on your own, or add on a Personal Shopping Consult so we can perfect it together.

    • 2-3 hours

    • Will take me an additional 1 hour to go over style profile and afterward get list together and send photos of outfits.

  • Personal Shopping Consultation 

    • Shopping

      • In-store personal shopping (In person shopping trip together)

        • Could pre-pull things in dressing room if store lets me

        • Could shop together from start to finish so they learn the process more

      • Online personal shopping

    • For a specific event or whatever your wardrobe needs are

      • Ex.) Megan’s Bridal Accessories

    • Personalized shopping list

    • Only buy it if you love it and/or need it. Preferably the “and” option.

    • One hour for a special outfit. Maybe 3-4 hours for a seasonal wardrobe overhaul or finding a collection of killer personal pieces.

      • Would take me more time before to prep

    • I recommend doing a closet audit first for a general wardrobe makeover, but if you already have a good idea of what we’re shopping for, we can jump right in after your initial consult.

    • Shopping time will vary by client.

    • Your wardrobe should be mostly seasonless.

    • “Wardrobe overhaul or preparing for a special event.”

    • Incorporate renting items somewhere! Maybe give people the link to list of frequently updated rental sites to reference when the need arises. 

    • Will take me an additional 1 hour to go over style profile, 1-2 hours to pre-shop in-store, 2-4 hours to shop online

  • For the ultimate style transformation, bundle all three into one for savings.

    • Will start with personal style package and go in order except final packet will be send after shopping so I can incorporate the new pieces, outfits, pics, etc. from parts 2 and 3.


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