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Ellekin Sustainable, affordable fashion
Ellekin is an online sustainable fashion boutique based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and founded by Keyona Elkins. 

​We’re on a mission to make sustainable fashion fun and accessible.

Most sustainable fashion out there is honestly so bland. And finding cute, on-trend outfits that are both sustainable and within your budget is usually an exhausting or disappointing process. But we think shopping consciously shouldn’t be a time suck or an energy drain. So we did all the work for you.

Ellekin curates pieces that are colorful, fashion-forward, expressive, easy to style, under $100, AND more sustainable. So you can easily find clothes you’re excited to wear again and again with the assurance that your style doesn’t come at the expense of people or planet.

Learn more about Ellekin and our sustainability practices.

And shop our newest sustainable styles

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